Rent Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment




The customer orders gear at least 5 days before it is needed. A hold is placed on the ordered equipment and a confirmation is sent to the customer.


Wooded Nomad will package and ship the gear for arrival by the customer’s requested rental start day. A prepaid return label will be included with the shipment. Wooded Nomad also offers free delivery and pickup with 20 miles of Minneapolis.


Enjoy your adventure. Be kind to our gear.


When the customer returns from their trip they will package the used gear back in to the box, attach the prepaid shipping label and drop off the package to the shipping carrier by the rental end date. Wooded Nomad also offers free delivery and pickup with 20 miles of Minneapolis.


Wooded Nomad will inspect, deep clean, sanitize, and store gear until it is needed for another customer.




Do you offer local pickup?

We do not offer local pickup, but we do however offer free delivery and pickup from by Wooded Nomad to all addresses within 20 miles of Minneapolis.

When will I receive my gear?

We will aim to have your gear to you the day before your rental start date. We plan to have gear arrive early in the event that there is a delay with the shipping carrier. Gear is not guaranteed to arrive until the rental start date.

When do I have to send my gear back?

Used gear will need to be packaged and dropped off at the shipping carrier by the rental end date. Wooded Nomad will verify this information using the tracking number on the prepaid return label that arrived with the gear

What if my rental start or end date falls on a Holiday or Sunday?

Wooded Nomad will work around these dates to ensure that gear arrives before a holiday or Sunday. If the rental end date falls on a Holiday or Sunday you can drop off used gear the following day free of charge.

What if I receive the incorrect gear or am missing something?

We carefully select each item for every shipment, but in the event you find that you are missing something or received the wrong item, let us know immediately and we will work to get you a replacement as soon as possible.

How soon should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to ensure that your preferred gear is available. Orders must be placed a minimum of 5 days prior to the rental start date

Are there additional fees that I could be charged?

If gear is returned late, damaged, excessively dirty, or not returned you will be charged an additional fee. We understand that normal wear and tear is inevitable and you will not be charged for issues consistent with responsible equipment use.

Are items cleaned after each use?

Yes. Wooded Nomad will deep clean and disinfect every item after it has been used. Sleeping bags are machine washed.

How is shipping calculated?

Items ship anywhere in the continental US for a flat rate fee of $15 for orders under $150. Orders that are $150 or over will ship for free. Wooded Nomad will include a prepaid return label with your gear for you to attach to the box for return shipping. Shipping is free for customers that select local drop off and pickup to addresses within 20 miles of Minneapolis.

Why am I asked to select an organization for a portion of my sale to go to?

Wooded Nomad is committed to donating to organizations whose values align with our own. Wooded Nomad will donate a portion of every sale to a Non Profit organization. The customer will have the opportunity to select an organization from a predetermined list that they would like their sales portion to be donated to.

My rental period has unexpectedly changed. What should I do?

Contact Wooded Nomad immediately if your rental period has changed or if you are unable to return your items on time so that we can work with you to come up with a plan.